Market context

E-commerce in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) is the distribution channel with the highest growth rate. In this context where interest in this channel is growing, manufacturers are trying to determine the best policy on the different levers: assortment, accessibility and activations.

Bel's objective

Evaluate the media pressure applied on e-commerce sites and compare it with that of its category in order to assess whether the policy was at the right level or over/under-invested.

Michelin's objective

Bel's issues

There are many media formats to track

We were under time pressure and needed answers to our main questions in a very short time

We did not know of any solution that could track these formats and render them on a simple, easy-to-use and configurable interface

Datagram Solutions

Datagram has deployed an e-monitoring tool and an agile mode methodology to monitor e-merchandising and retail media campaigns in its category.

"Datagram offered us an agile solution and methodology that allowed us to compare and optimise our e-merchandising and retail mediaefforts. ”

"In just a few weeks, this solution gave us a precise view of the campaigns implemented in the category. Datagram has been a key source of insights to optimise our activation plan.
Frederic Levy, E-Retail Director, BEL

Benefits of the Datagram solution

Quick to set up

Very easy to use interface

Allows you to see a macro view quickly and to zoom in if necessary

Client satisfaction

"We are happy with the use of Datagram. The interface is very easy to use, and
The interface is very easy to use and allows us to have an instant macro view and deep diver if necessary.
In addition, the Datagram teams respected the timetables announced, and were able to show flexibility in the collaboration with the
The Datagram teams respected the timetables announced, and were able to show flexibility in the collaboration by taking into account new needs as they arose.

Frederick Levy

Frédéric Levy

E-Retail Director


Frédéric's advice

"Trust the technical ability of Datagram's teams, say what you want, Datagram will do it!"


About Bel

Bel is a major player in healthy dairy and fruit snacking in portions. Its international development is based on a portfolio of positive brands that appeal to consumers in over 120 countries. A family-owned group founded in 1865, Bel is committed to an ambitious strategy of sustainable growth.