Market context

La Martiniquaise – Bardinet trusted us in 2020 to establish an exhaustive inventory and personalized recommendations on the eRetail Media lever. A success that is now part of an annual collaboration and leverage monitoring through our eRetail analytics platform.

Goal for La Martiniquaise - Bardinet

Position oneself within a competitive universe in terms of eRetail Media investments and understand the strategies which have been implemented, to optimize the action plan through brands and formats.

Michelin's objective

Problematics of La Martiniquaise - Bardinet

Need to benchmark against other stakeholders on the eRetail Media lever.

No comprehensive view of leverage, both on a direct and indirect competitive scope.

Rise in expertise on keyword targeting strategies and in digital departments.

Datagram Solutions

A well-monitored support and extensive preparatory work in advance, to ensure a proper understanding of market issues.

A very structured and successful initial analysis, while knowing how to publicize the subject with an audience, some of which discovered KPIs’

A very responsive monitoring and active listening to ensure the successful implementation of the Datagram eRetail analytics platform and quickly get access to an operational tool.

Benefits of the Datagram solution

Awareness within teams for budget transfers from direct or indirect competitors to eRetail Media.

Refining retailer strategies/device types through the recommendations of the Datagram consultant, second phase in the process of measuring the proper carrying out of campaigns via the platform.

“Live” vision from voices accessible through a few clicks. Save time presenting reports and thinking about action plans rather than compiling data.

Client satisfaction

Datagram's support initially allowed us to get familiarized with reading data and how to analyze tools. We are currently still in the deployment phase of the platform in-house, even if I am the referent for using the tool currently, its ease of handling allows me to be confident about the use by marketing and sales teams for specific needs.


The Datagram platform allows us to access data in a continuous manner, which saves us major time on our digital watch and most of all reproduction tables and very simple monitoring graphs which allows us to implement action quickly. They are the "google analytics" of eRetail Media.”

Sandrine Bourcier

Digital & Training Director

La Martiniquaise - Bardinet

Advice from Sandrine

"At least begin an initial analysis and get a vision of the market and your competitors. The possibility of working with specialized GMS consultants is a genuine asset and can solve the internal resource problem at a start-up. Once the KPIs and the logic of the eRetail Media analysis have been mastered, set your priorities and the people with who can access the latter, to ensure follow-up via the platform.

About La Martiniquaise - Bardinet

Founded by Jean Cayard in 1934, LA MARTINIQUAISE is an independent French group which has been able to develop in France and all around the globe, with a large portfolio of powerful brands in all categories of wines and spirits. In excess of one billion euros in turnover, the Group has no less than 38 subsidiaries and production sites. Its success lies in its very transversal vision of the world of festive drinks but also in its rigorous mastery of industrial tools and raw materials guaranteeing the quality of its products.