The ecosystem that revolves around eRetail Media has never been so rich and complex. With a growth rate of +42%, this marketing lever has attracted advertisers, distributors, adtechs, martechs, technology solutions and media agencies.

The eRetail Media is the essential way to target and engage the shopper as close as possible to his buying act.

Today, the eRetail Media working group of Alliance Digitale seizes the opportunity to structure this market, to bring more legibility and transparency to it.

This Guide is intended to share the elements necessary to understand the challenges of measuring eRetail Media, the current state of measurement and the toolbox:

  • Mapping of activation solutions
  • Existing measurement methodologies
  • Activation matrices
  • Lexicon

Written with the participation of Florence Bréban, Co-Founder of Datagram, Lead of the eRetail Media Measurement Task Force within Alliance Digitale.

The Guide is freely downloadable and may be freely reproduced on media sites and social networks provided that the source is acknowledged.

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