Market context

In a context based on the strong dynamism of eCommerce circuits in 2020, observation of strong momentum around the eRetail Media lever and regular activations of competitors, but without the possibility of measuring its power and impact.

The goal of Lactalis Nestlé Ultra Frais

Gain visibility on the eRetail Media lever to adapt its strategy and gain market share in 2021.

Michelin's objective

Problematics of Lactalis Nestlé Ultra Frais

Lack of structured data on the eRetail Media lever with monitoring ensured by a time-consuming manual process.

No visibility of the pressure applied by competitors and therefore Lactalis' spotlight share positions in its market.

Need to properly understand competing strategies to optimize activation plans.

Datagram Solutions

Validation of the methodology with the Media and eCommerce teams at Lactalis Nestlé Ultra Frais.

Analysis of eRetail Media leverage based on data from the eRetail analytics platform Datagram.

Cross-referencing with Lactalis internal data to analyze the synergies between the levers and give the most activatable recommendations possible.

Benefits of the Datagram solution

Raising awareness and increasing expertise of Lactalis sales and marketing teams, in terms of the challenges of eRetail Media.

In-house decision-making challenged on the basis of quantified and factual data.

Adaptation of the 2021 activation plan due to the insights and recommendations from Datagram consultants.

Client satisfaction

"Datagram offers genuine support, which combines listening skills and adaptability. Our initial needs have been taken into account and the content has been adapted following intermediate pre-restorations to set up quality support that perfectly meets our issues. Spoken production is a genuine asset with an undeniable mastery of the subject. Deadlines are maintained.

Mélanie Séveno

Digital Acceleration Manager

Lactalis Nestlé Ultra-Frais

Advice from Mélanie

"Do not hesitate to entrust the analysis of the eRetail Media to the Datagram consultant. The report is solid, detailed and supported, with relevant information. Don't hesitate to provide a maximum amount of data to study synergies and take the analysis of strategies further. The milestones are also a good way to align the discourse with the objective of an internal resale.

About Lactalis Lactalis Nestlé Ultra-Fresh

Lactalis Nestlé Ultra-Frais is a Division of the Lactalis Group, a French family business and the world's leading Dairy Group. This division is the outcome of a joint venture with Nestlé in the ultra-fresh business: it manufactures and markets Nestlé brand fresh yogurts and desserts in France.